“We haven’t been to the pool for a whole year,”
said Indi. “I’m afraid I won’t remember how to swim.”
“Don’t worry, I remember everything,” said Tex.
“Copy me, and you’ll be swimming like a shark before
you know it!”
“Hmm,” said Indi. “I think I’d rather be a dolphin
than a shark.”

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New Can be fun

Tex and Indi were on their way to day camp.
“I loved camp last summer,” said Tex.
“Me, too,” said Indi. “I hope everything is exactly the same.”
“Some things will be the same and some things will be different,” said Dad. “Just remember, different and new can be fun, too.”

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The sun sinks behind the trees.
The birds settle down for the night.
The squirrel snuggles in its den.
The chipmunk climbs into its burrow.
It’s bedtime for Spot, too.

Don’t give me a burger or a pile of fries.
I’d rather have ants any color or size.
Ants by the barrel! Ants by the ton!
Ants in a row that march one by one.
With a flick of my tongue, I lick them up whole.
Ants tickle a little as-whoops-down they go.
Ants by the bushel! Ants by the bunch!
Any chance you would care to join me for lunch?